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Feb 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
playing with confidence. >> tigers hosting today looking for t its first swinning season since 195eu9. for the slam thrrks trying to avoid the season sweem. little tap back in. dragons down one then allen, his only make of the day. this game was tight throughout. 3 of his 19, double, double this evening. tigers won it 72-71. they only won a sippingle game of last year. it gips for the birds the first of 35 spring training games in the books. doesn't mean a whole lot. dillon one wild inning in the fifth. loaded the bases but chris at the plate, it's always nice to get out of a jam. bottom of the five, nate at the plate. turns on that pitch and over the right fielders head it goes. here comes jonathan, two run shot in the 8th. the difference is the orioles did get that win. >> nascar final turned terrifying. cars sideways and in one case airborne. >> kyle larson's car was flipped half. the engine block stuck in the retaining wall. 15 fans injured. one undergoing surgery for head tralm now. please stay with us for one more check on the forecast with john right after >> we're not done wit
Jan 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
department focused on energy diplomacy as well as new partnerships like the u.s. e.u. energy council we work intensively with the iraqis to support their energy sector because it is critical not only to their economy but their stability as well. we have significantly intensifiintensifi ed efforts to resolve energy disputes from the south china sea to the eastern mediterranean to keep the world's energy market stable. now this has been helped quite significantly by the increase in our own domestic production. it's no accident that is as the iranian oil has gone off-line because of our sanctions other sources have come on line so iran cannot in a fit from increased prices. then there is human rights and our support for democracy and the rule of law. levers of power and values we cannot afford to ignore. in the last century the united states where it led the world in recognizing universal rights exist and that governments are obligated to protect them. now we have placed ourselves at the frontline of today's emerging battle like the fight to defend the human rights of the lgbt communities aroun
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
. >> you're invited over here. >> we have scotland and then we will have the eu probably about 16 or 17 after the next -- >> i've invited you to be the 51st state over here. >> that's all you will be over here. >> you try to tax us without representation, we'll try to -- >> it's a good number. >> martin b what do you think about the referendum? >> i got myself into trouble by saying that it increases uncertainty. it's what i called the fifth grace one and so there's more uncertainty now. from a political point of view, there's -- >> because of the referendum? right. the prime minister made the right decision. the uk sort of right wing party, it liked the tea party, i guess, in some respects has gained 16% of the vote according to the polls. take more from the trres or from labor. so i think the prime minister was concerned about that. having a referendum laid it out. we did some polling, online polling after the speech. they thought the referendum was right. content of the speech was good, they would vote for the coming out of. there's a lot of work to be done until we get to the refere
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3